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Hello, it’s been a long time. Hope you’re all doing well. I finally have a decent song to share, though, not my own. It was recorded during practice with a friend, John Rodriguez, who plays bass. The vocals were not mic’d, but maybe next time. The song is, Indescribable, by Chris Tomlin.



La Jolla, CA

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I was thankful that a photographer was there that day shooting the reflections in the waters. It opened my eyes to what was there.



No wonder people from all over the world settle here in their later years.

January 6, 2011

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Here’s the tail-end of tonight’s sunset. I took the wrong frwy exit and got stuck in traffic. But, it was still a sight to see when I got there.


What would Christmas be without children?

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(Clap. Clap. Clap.) I didn’t have the heart to tell her to stop cause she seemed to be enjoying herself so much. Ten minutes later… Klang. Oops. It broke. (Sorry, Sis.)

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas season… wishing you a successful new year!

Holy night…

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Wishing you a beautiful, warm, joy-filled Christmas season, and spectacular new year!

christmas event

Here’s a follow-up to the ‘location’ blog

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I wasn’t hopeful at 6pm, when the sun was hidden by the trees, but with the diffused light, it seemed to work. Next time, the BEACH.

Hava good week… is it Monday, today? Oh, yeah. It’s Monday.

A quaint little spot…

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The plan was to find some beautiful hills with tall green grass, or reeds. Buuut, it’s been hot inland and a pretty dry Summer, so the pickin’s ain’t too good. So, I drove around the area for a while and stumbled upon this adorable park. I’ll be taking some portraits there in a week or two, and decided to get some shots with my cell phone, to plan out the shoot. I’ll post a few when done. 😀